MozillaCTF 2012 – Swimsuit up! (50)

Challange 22: – Swimsuit up!

The challenge 22 description was as follows:

For this challenge you will have to dress up in a sea related fashion. We do not necessarily require that your whole team dresses up, but the more the merrier. There are no further suggestions, no boundaries, no limits! Just try to fit into our oceanic theme. Upload your picture on twitter and send a message that contains #SwimSuitUp and @MozillaCTF to earn 50 points. The deadline to send pictures is therefore one hour before the ending of our competition.
Remember to put some proof in your pictures. A sign that contains your team name, the scoreboard on a screen in the background etc.

A picture, well let’s give it a shot for the bonus points. Ok, we need sea related fashion, let’s wear some swimming trunks *check*. Not the whole team is required, but the more the merrier, how about we add a picture of the whole team *check*. We need to try to fit into the oceanic theme, how about we add a snorkel and flippers *check*, a beachball and Ernie floating device *check* something blue to sit on and a towel *check*. So, only thing left is the proof it was us, lets add our teamname and the scoreboard *check*, now if only my $gf can stop laughing she can take the picture of me :/

You can check our twitter account for the result. πŸ˜‰

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