CODEGATE 2012 – Misc-1

The first Misc challenge was worth 100 points, so as expected it’s no rocket science. We’re given an encrypted message:

Az hrb eix mcc gyam mcxgixec rokaxioaqh hrb mrqpck gyam lbamgarx oatygqh Erxtoigbqigarx Gidc hrbg gasc gr koaxd erzzcc zro i jyaqc Kr hrb ocqh rx Ockubqq ro Yrg man? Gyc ixmjco am dccqihrbgm

Turns out this is a simple substitution cipher; by analyzing the ciphertext’s character frequency distribution and some guesswork, we manage to obtain the plaintext:

If you can see this sentance ordinarily you solved this quistion rightly Congratulation Take yout time to drink coffee for a while do you rely on Redbull or Hot six? The answer is keelayouts

Flag: keelayouts

Interestingly, later we discovered the zip file linked to on the challenge page contained a subtle hint. Two of its files were recently modified:

Feb 21 13:48 General.keylayout
Feb 21 13:48 R_library/Keyboard Layouts/General.keylayout

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