Plaid CTF 2012 – Demo Time

Pop some popcorn, grab a seat and be ready to listen to your favorite robotic chiptunes. It’s an old fashioned robot party!

After downloading the binary file, we looked at the header to see what type of file this was. Although the header ‘g GCE’ didn’t ring us any bells, Google helped us to identify it as a Vectrex game file. We downloaded ParaJVE so we could run the game file.

It started with the string: “key = “ and after a while it displayed a Vector image which looked like a 2. Resetting the game and trying some butting combinations we noticed that the right-arrow gave us the string: +V€e$C!t!r” , which was of course not the key.

So we tried several other combination by just button smashing the arrow keys and came up with several ouputs:

  • +V€e$C!t!r”
  • rT/MW#-7AKU
  • ceF]/COU[#]
  • ete_T]-?CMQ
  • $r$T*/BMRW\

And finally after 20 minutes smashing we got the key: Vectrex_FTW

So not a solution to be very proud of, but during war and CTF’s everything is allowed. The only other team who solved it also used the same tactic.

A better way to do it was tweeted by FluxFingers after the ending of PlaidCTF.

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  1. Hahaha, yes, we were the first team to solve this challenge, and I used the same “technique” to solve it. And then, instead of “FTW!” we said “WTF?” LOL xD