Plaid CTF 2012 – 3D

The robots appear to be testing some kind of new camera technology but we haven”e;t quite figured it out yet. Understanding this imaging could be crucial to our understanding the enemy and winning the war.

Analyzing this file it looked like a JPS file. Opening it with a normal image viewer it showed a computer screen with gedit opened with the key in it, however there was something hanging in front of the screen which made it unable to view the key.

A JPS file contains multiple JPEG files with different views from the same image to create a 3D look of what is shown on the image. Although we hadn’t much luck in opening it in JPS viewers, we could just get all JPEG files from the JPS with the help of foremost:

$ foremost -t jpeg -v -a edbd4701d0b9d2a33a743e96f7bc8f3b.jps

We used the option -a (disable error checking), else we only got a couple of files. Now it gave us 26 images, by reading them all who could see the text on the screen:
key is: 3d_g1v35_m3_a_h3adach3

After the CTF we figured out that the file could also just be opened with the VLC media player, it seems that current versions of VLC have support for JPS files (we tried with an older version and it did not want to open it). Thanks to the team Beginbazen to point this out to us.

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