ebCTF: NET200 “Who’s there”

We found this strange website. (

For this challenge we only get a website with a sum on it.

112 + 386 + 712 + 1398 + 8771 + 11982 + 15397 + 23984 = 51037

This doesn’t give us much information. How about we look at the headers.
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PHD CTF Quals 2011 – Port knocking

This was the challenge which scored us the last couple of points and put us on the second place. We thought a write up would be nice. This challenge gave us some headache, and if you see the final solution it looks so easy, but it was a long way to get there.

The server involved was the After a nmap scan we noticed the server was listening on port 21/tcp, or ftp. The service info also gives us the first clue of the challenge, it was a port knocking exercise.

This is how we solved it.
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